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Joining Postcards to Voters is super easy. Simply sign up with Postcards to Voters using 1 of 3 available methods on

After signing up Postcards to Voters will email you with instructions. In order to become an approved writer a new volunteer will have to write a practice postcard and email the Postcards to Voters team for a review. Once you are an approved writer you can request addresses and send out friendly reminders to get out the vote and encourage voters to participate in upcoming elections! There are 4 ways to request addresses for active campaigns - Simply head over to to request addresses! To learn more about Postcards to Voters you can also head over to our blog section.

To provide volunteers the flexibility to mix and match their favorite designs MyPostcard and Postcards to Voters joined forces. In our shop volunteer writers can choose from more than 50 official Postcards to Voters designs. Check out all designs and choose your favorite! Our Postcards are sturdy and high quality cards made in the USA. The uncoated back and front is perfect for any pens, markers or sharpies and the blank backside has plenty of room for your personalized message!

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September 30, 2020 — Jannik Blecher


Jannik from MyPostcard & Postcards to Voters

Jannik from MyPostcard & Postcards to Voters said:

Hi Richard,

Please head over to or reach out to Tony The Democrat <>.

Thanks for writing with us!

Richard Cameron

Richard Cameron said:

I am very interested in supporting Amy McGrath in Kentucky. I tried to send samples but they did not go through. Please let me know how to get postcards, addresses and postage to send at least 100 cards out to Kentuckians.

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