Shipping & Delivery

We are offering a flat rate of $4.99 shipping so that you can mix and match as many or as few designs as you like! Our postcards are high quality, sturdy cards made in the USA.

We do not print cards in bulk, all cards but one set of 100 cards are printed on demand. We print all cards within 24h and send them via priority mail so it takes 1-3 business days delivery time depending on your location. Once your cards are shipped you'll receive a tracking number from us so that you can track your order!

Currently, we are receiving a very high order volume due to the elections, so things may take longer than expected.
Thanks for your understanding and thanks for writing with us! Have fun writing Postcards to Voters and know that you're helping to make a meaningful difference! All purchases help support operating costs of Postcards to Voters
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September 30, 2020 — Jannik Blecher

Stamps & Postage

Our postcards come without a stamp. You can save yourself a trip to the Post Office and order 35¢ postage stamps from USPS.
September 30, 2020 — Jannik Blecher

Contact Us

If you have any questions please contact and we are happy to answer them or check out our FAQ Section!
September 30, 2020 — Jannik Blecher

How to get Addresses?

Learn more about Postcards to Voters and how to request addresses. Have fun writing postcards to voters and know that you are making a meaningful difference!
September 30, 2020 — Jannik Blecher