MyPostcard has teamed up with Tony the Democrat to create a unique set of postcard designs for the Postcards to Voters movement. All purchases help support operating costs of Postcards to Voters. All cards are made in the USA. If you have any questions or want your postcard designs to be published, please contact

Please check here for shipping and delivery, stamps and postage, how to get addresses, contact us or visit our blog section for more information about the Postcards to Voters movement!


Q1. What is Postcards to Voters?

A1. Postcards to Voters is an all-volunteer, 100% grassroots initiative for individual writers to mail fully-handwritten election reminder postcards to boost winning turnout for Democratic candidates.

Q2. What is

A2. is an online retailer of high quality print-on-demand postcards and greeting cards.

Q3. Are Postcards to Voters and the same?

A3. No.  Postcards to Voters organizes volunteers for grassroots activism. is an online retailer who partners with Postcards to Voters and supports their mission.

Q4. Why are Postcards to Voters and working together now?

A4. Volunteer writers have asked for more variety in postcard design.  Printing large quantities of postcards to achieve the best pricing limits Postcards to Voters' ability to economically offer a wider range of designs.  There is risk associated with trying out a new design.  What if no one likes it?  By partnering with a company like, the on-demand printing capability removes the risk and adds tons of fun for volunteer writers.  New designs can be added online without upfront expenses.  You decide which ones you want and you can mix and match for variety.

Q5. Can I use these cards for anything else?

A5. Of course!  They are blank on the back making them versatile for any progressive postcarding project.


Q6. How do you order?

A5. Simply choose your favorite postcard design from the many PTV postcards we offer on our website. Select the desired amount of postcards you want to receive - either 8, 16, 24, 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 200. The higher set size you pick, the cheaper we can produce them and the cheaper the price. However, lower set sizes gives volunteers the flexibility to mix and match their favorite designs to have more variety for get out the vote efforts!

Q7. Where do the proceeds go?

A6. All purchases help support operating costs of Postcards to Voters. Postcards to Voters will use proceeds to defray operating expenses and plan for growth.


Q8. I see there is a way to submit my own postcard designs.  What is that about?

A7. If you have a design you've been using and you want to have it printed in greater quantities and share it with other volunteer writers, submit it to us.  After a review, it will be added to the gallery of choices and you'll receive an email notification so that you may order a set for yourself.

Q9. How do I learn more about Postcards to Voters?

A8. Visit us at
Thanks for writing with us!