Postcards for Voters

Postcards to Voters and MyPostcard teamed up

Postcards to Voters is an all-volunteer, 100% grassroots initiative for individual writers to mail fully-handwritten election reminder postcards to boost winning turnout for Democratic candidates. MyPostcard as an online retailer of high quality print-on-demand postcards and greeting cards joined forces with Postcards to Voters to support their mission!

Why are we working together? Volunteer writers asked for more variety in vote postcard designs and by collaborating we can provide a wider range of fun and unique designs for the Postcards to Voters movement. MyPostcard's on-demand printing capability removes the risk and ensures high quality postcards. Postcards to Voters volunteers can choose from a large variety of designs and mix and match their own assorted sets. With set sizes ranging from 8 to 200 postcards volunteers can buy as many or as few as they need.

Large variety of unique Postcards to Voters designs

Our collection includes various Postcards to Voters state designs from Arizona, Florida, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin. In these special times particularly exciting are our new vote by mail and vote from home designs. Volunteers favorite designs range from questionnaire cards to our vote or be a voter collection. Find out about volunteers all-time favorites in our best seller collection! All purchases help support operating costs of Postcards to VotersHave fun writing Postcards to Voters and know that you're helping to make a meaningful difference!

Postcards to Voters by Tony the Democrat
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July 14, 2020 — Jannik Blecher