Postcards to Voters

Postcards to Voters is an all-volunteer, 100% grassroots initiative for individual writers to mail fully-handwritten reminder postcards to boost winning turnout for Democratic candidates.

Tony the Democrat

Tony the Democrat


Tony McMullin, aka Tony the Democrat, started Postcards to Voters in March 2017 by writing postcards to Democrats and reminding them to vote in a special congressional election for Jon Ossoff, a Democratic candidate in Tony's home state of Georgia. What started with sharing 5 addresses apiece to 5 volunteers on Facebook to mail postcards to voters in Jon Ossoff's race grew in one month to 1,200+ volunteers nationwide and over 51,000 fully-handwritten reminder postcards mailed. Postcards to Voters was born. Today the all-volunteer, 100% grassroots initiative consists of 75,000+ volunteers in every state who have written close to 8 million postcards to voters in over 200 key, close elections.


Postcards to Voters - Get out the Vote

Postcards to Voters are friendly, handwritten reminders from volunteers to targeted voters giving Democrats a winning edge in close elections. The postcards are all different, handwritten and do not look like mass mailings. Postcards to Voters are more personal than phone banking and the reader can tell that someone put real time into writing the postcards. In 2018 the New York Times published an interview with Tony about the Postcards to Voters movement.

How does it work?

Joining Postcards to Voters is super easy. Simply sign up with Postcards to Voters using 1 of 3 available methods on After signing up Postcards to Voters will email you with instructions. In order to become an approved writer a new volunteer will have to write a practice postcard and email the Postcards to Voters team. Once you are an approved writer you can request addresses and send out friendly reminders to get out the vote and encourage voters to participate in upcoming elections! Information about current campaigns in progress can be found on the Postcards to Voters Twitter.

Mix and Match your own assorted sets

MyPostcard and Postcards to Voters teamed up to provide volunteers the flexibility to mix and match their favorite PTV designs. Our high-quality, sturdy postcards are thick enough for any pens, markers and sharpies. Postcards have an uncoated front and back with plenty of space for a personalized message. Volunteers can choose from a variety of 50+ unique and fun designs. 50% of proceeds go to support Postcards to Voters and will be used to offset their operating expenses.
Postcards to Voters by Tony the Democrat

Join the Postcards to Voters movement!

Join People across the USA to write Postcards to Voters. Have fun and know that you're helping to make a meaningful difference!


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July 01, 2020 — Jannik Blecher