You ever wanted to feel the excitement of opening your mailbox to a postcard from a stranger yourself? We got something for you! We teamed up with the people from PenPal to connect the PTV community by postcards. 

These days, the post is often bills, junk mail and the occasional reminder to book an appointment with the dentist, hairdresser or doctor. But just a few years back, before the invention of messaging services and mobile phones, it was something more than that. It meant hearing from distant friends, fiery lovers and estranged family members. And as we still know, there is nothing quite as special as waiting for a note from a loved one to hit the door mat. Which is why penpalling is making a comeback!

Having a pen pal represents the opportunity to create a connection with someone; a person you may not necessarily have met in other circumstances and may never meet in person.

How to find a PenPal

    1. First, you need an account. So sign up using a Google email address.
    2. Take care, when picking your interest, you should search for "Postcards to Voters" and click the button to add it as your interest.
pick an interest at

  1. All signed up, you now need a pen pal! You can use PenPal Match to get paired with another penpal member. In the near future, there will be the possibility to set your match preference to exclusively match with other users who have PTV as interest. For now, you preferably get paired with other PTV users, but not necessarily.
  2. Once you found a pen pal, click ‘Send Card’. Choose a cool design or upload one of your own photos, add a text, pay and click send.
  3. A few days later, your postcard will arrive by snail mail at your pal’s door.
  4. Once you’ve sent a postcard, it’s your turn to receive a surprise in the mail! You’ll get an email as soon as a postcard is on its way to you.

Moreover, Tony the Democrat, the founder and creator of Postcards to Voters has his own penpal profile on the platform. So, don't hesitate to send a postcard to surprise him!


Happy pen palling!

July 21, 2022 — Jannik Blecher