All of us have been proud to support progressive candidates near and far. Our results speak volumes for the close contests, hard-fought victories, and occasional landslides. The wins make it all worthwhile. There’s a lot to learn and take away from the losses, too, though.

We've created a special map with every Postcards to Voters campaign to give you an overview of the impact of our campaigns all over the country!

We don't shy away from tough races

It's a reminder that we write to make a winning difference in races large and small and in places blue and red. We look at the level of effort needed, the seriousness of candidacy and qualifications to lead of the respective candidate, the amount of field work being done (so that it's not all resting on postcards to move the needle), what hangs in the balance, and if we have time and writing capacity.

Postcards to Voters: It Works!

Our handwritten postcards can have an out-sized impact especially in smaller elections since there's not a lot of other money being spent on advertising - from either side. Your postcards might be the only piece of mail Democratic voters will receive. When Democrats win unlikely elections, it generates buzz among the local volunteer base. The local Democratic County Parties enjoy the benefit of a new elected official to tout for volunteer recruitment and fundraising. And, obviously, the winning Democrat will get some good work done in their term.
Vote by Mail efforts
In 2018, Postcards to Voters conducted a pilot program with the objective to determine if sending handwritten postcards to Democrats in Florida to encourage them to sign up for vote by mail (VBM) would result in an increase in vote by mail signups. One of the pilot counties was Pasco County. The vote by mail signup data from the county was retrieved from Votebuilder by the Kelly Smith for Pasco County Commissioner Campaign and the data was analyzed by her campaign manager Mary Jones who has experience with statistical analysis. The conclusions from her analysis were that sending handwritten postcards to voters definitely had a noticeable effect on Vote by Mail signups among Pasco County Democrats. The two weeks that postcards were arriving in Pasco there was a lot of buzz in person and online among those that received the postcards. The sentiment was overwhelmingly positive and helped push forward the idea of postcards as a way to reach voters.
It's not only about election results
When our volunteers expand their comfort zones and begin to host other writers, get more involved in other GOTV activities in addition to writing postcards, and running for office themselves, for example, these are all measures of how Postcards to Voters is making a real difference. A winning and lasting difference. Volunteers connect in our social media groups, collaborate, encourage, share tips and support each other. Our volunteers build meaningful relationships with each other, and that's what keeps all of us going even when the news cycle feels exhausting. And the most important thing is, we have fun while making a meaningful difference writing postcards to voters!
Thanks again for all your craftivism so far and for being a resource candidates can trust.
Write on!